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Using Hindi English dictionary

Dictionary software is a very important tool for anyone who is learning a new language it may be either Hindi or English. Have you ever noticed how some people, who seem very witty and intelligent in their writing, can surprise you with their limited vocabulary when they speak to you in person? A good bilingual dictionary software (Hindi-English-Hindi)is recommended for students who already have a high standard of English & Hindi and want to learn more and more words. Dictionary software’s are the best choice for students. A cheaper possibility, if you are going to work or cyber at the computer with an internet connection, is to use an online dictionary. Simply open Google and type “online Hindi English dictionary”, you will get a long list of different online dictionaries. But it is not possible every time so the offline solution is best for everyone. A very good one for students is the Sheels Hindi to English Dictionary which is available for free.
To improve your vocabulary Shee…

Sheels Dictionary

Sheel's dictionary is a free Hindi to English and English to Hindi dictionary software created by Sheelnidhi Gupta.
Description:- Many English to Hindi and Hindi to English online dictionaries are available on the internet but it is a very useful and easy to use offline bilingual Dictionary. Once you have downloaded the setup, install it and run it on your computer. After installation no internet connection is required to run this software. Sheels dictionary has received "100% clean award" which means that it is guaranteed that it is 100% clean and does not contain any kind of spyware or virus. Currently this application cannot run on mobile it can run only on desktop computer and laptops of any company like Dell, Hp, Lenovo and all others.

Sheels Hindi to English dictionary is very useful for everyone who is learning any of the language either Hindi or English. It is very useful for those who are students and still learning or related to education especially students,…