Eavesdrop (छिपकर बातें सुनना)

Word of the week - Eavesdrop
Pronunciation: इव्सड्रॉप
Hindi Meaning: छिपकर बातें सुनना, कान लगा कर सुनना
1.छिपकर बातें सुनना अच्छी बात नहीं होती।
2.पडौसी अक्सर एक दुसरे की बातें कान लगा कर सुनते है।
English Meaning:If you eavesdrop on someone, you listen secretly to what they are saying.

1.The government illigally eavesdrop on his telephone conversations.
2.The housemaid eavesdrop from behind the kitchen door.

Synonyms: bend an ear, tap, bug, pry, snoop, overhear, listen in, tune in on

Antonyms: ignore, chat, cut, disdain, despiser, disgrace

Previous words of the week:  Debacle
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Debacle (पराजय होना)

Word of the week - Debacle
Pronunciation:  डिबाकल

Hindi Meaning:  पराजय, असफलता, परजीत 

Example:  1. झूठे वादे करने वाले नेताओ की पराजय संभव है।      
     2. असफलता केवल यही सिद्ध करती है कि सफलता के लिये पूरे मन से प्रयास नहीं किया गया।

English Meaning:  A debacle is an event or attempt that is a complete failure.

      1. After the debacle of the war the world was never the same again.
      2.  If we want to look at the country’s problems start with the debacle of the healthcare system.

Synonyms:  Failure, defeat, loss fall, discomfiture, catastrophe, mess, wreck, ruin

Antonyms: Accomplishment, victory, wins success, creation, construction, and rise

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Obduracy (हठी होना)

Word of the week - Obduracy
Pronunciation: ओब्ड्युरेसी

Hindi Meaning:  पक्का होना, हठी होना, ज़िद्दी होना, ढीठपन

Example:  बच्चों की हर ज़िद पूरी करने से वो हठी हो जाते है।

English Meaning:   If you accuse someone of obduracy, you think their refusal to change their decision or opinion is unreasonable.

Example:  MPs have accused the government of obduracy and called on ministers to reverse their decision.

Synonyms: impertinence, audaciousness, indiscretion, petulance, impudence

Antonyms: submissive, docile, humble, tactful, polite, susceptible, yielding

Previous words of the week:  Prodigal
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Prodigal (अपव्ययी)

Pronunciation: प्रोडिगल
Hindi Meaning: अपव्ययी, उङाउ, खर्चीला, फिजूलखर्ची
Example: फिजूलखर्ची व्यक्ति के हाथ कुछ नहीं रहता।
English Meaning: 1. Someone who behaves in prodigal way spends a lot of money carelessly without thinking about what will happen when they have none left.
    2 .You can describe someone as prodigal son or daughter if they leave their family or friends, often after a period of behaving badly, and then return at a later time as a better person.

1.       Prodigal habits die hard
2.       His prodigal son came back.

Synonyms: wasteful, lavish, thriftless, profuse, spendthrift, immoderate

Antonyms: thrifty, moderate, care, frugal, parsimonious

Previous words of the week: Miraculous
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Miraculous (चमत्कारी)

Word of the week - Miraculous

Pronunciation:- मिरेक्युलस
Hindi Meaning:- चमत्कारी, आश्चर्यजनक, चमत्कारपूर्ण, अपौरुषेय
English Meaning:- like a miracle; completely unexpected and very lucky
1. Of the nature of miracle; preternatural
2. Able to work miracles 

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Camouflage (छलावरण करना)

Word of the week - Camouflage
Pronunciation : कैमॉफ्लेज
Hindi Meaning : "छलावरण करना", छल करना, छिपाना
English Meaning :
1.If you camouflage something such as a feeling or a situation, you hide it or make it appear to be something different.
2.Hide or disguise the presence of a person, animal, or object.

Example :
1. I think that there has been an attempt to camouflage what really happened.
2. The hunter decided to camouflage himself while deer hunting.

Synonyms : chicanery, nag, fault-finding, artifice, trick, hoax, masking, false- appearance, fake

Antonyms : uncover, reveal, show, unmask

Previous words of the week:  Obduracy
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Garrulous (बातूनी)

Pronunciation : गैरलस
Hindi Meaning : बकवासी, वाचाल, बकवादी, कल- कल के साथ कहने वाला, बातूनिया, मुखर
English Meaning :
1. If you describe someone as garrulous, you mean that they talk a great deal, especially about unimportant things.
2. Excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.
3. Wordy and rambling.

Example :
1. Some people are very garrulous, and I do not like garrulous people.
2. It is hard for Lily to keep secrete because she is garrulous in nature.
3. Though my all windows and doors are closed, I can still hear my garrulous neighbours loudly gossip in the night.

Synonyms : talk-active, chatty, mouthy, verbose, diffusive, voluble, loquacious, vociferous

Antonyms : silent, reserved, untalk-active, still, laconic

Previous words of the week: Fret
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Fret (चिड़चिड़ाना)

Word of the week - FretPronunciation:- फ्रेट
Hindi Meaning:- चिड़चिड़ाना, रगडकर घिसना, झल्लाना
English Meaning:- to be worried or unhappy and not able to relax
Example :-
1. Fretting about it won’t help.

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Temporize (अस्थिर रहना)

Pronunciation : टेम्पराइज़

Hindi Meaning : अस्थिर रहना, मौका देखकर बात बदल देना, अनिश्चित नीति बरतना

English Meaning : 1. If you say that someone is temporizing, you mean that they keep doing unimportant things in order to delay something important such as making a decision or stating their real opinion.
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Unassailable (अभेद्य)

Word of the week-unassailablePronunciation : अनअसैलेबल
Hindi Meaning : अभेद्य, अकाट्य, अखंडनीय
English Meaning : 1. If you describe something or someone as unassailable, you mean that nothing can alter, destroy, or change them. 
2. Unable to be attacked, questioned, or defeated. 

Example : 1. His legal position is unassailable. 
2. The bureaucracy is practically unassailable in the old unions. 
3. Shakespeare's genius gives his works an unassailable position in world literature. 

Synonyms : impenetrable, invulnerable, unhurt, impregnable, indefeasible, inalienable 

Antonyms : refutable, questionable, imperfect, dubious, assailable

Previous words of the week: Quagmire
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Quagmire (दलदल)

Word of the week - Quagmire
Pronunciation : क्वैग्माईर
Hindi Meaning : दलदल, धसान, तंग हालात, नाज़ुक हालात, कीचड़
English Meaning : 1. A quagmire is a difficult, complicated, or unpleasant situation which is not easy to avoid or escape from.
2. An awkward, complex, or hazardous situation: "a legal quagmire"
3. A quagmire is a soft, wet area of land which your feet sink into if you try to walk across it.
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Obscurantism (अन्धकारवाद)

Word of the week - obscurantism
Pronunciation : "ऑब्सक्युरेन्टीज़्म"
Hindi Meaning : अन्धकारवाद, प्रगतिविरोध, सुधार या ज्ञान विरोधी मत
English Meaning :1.Obscurantism is the practice or policy of deliberately making something vague and difficult to understand,
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Ambiguous (अस्पष्ट)

Word of the week - Ambiguous
Pronunciation : "एम्बिग्युअस"
Hindi Meaning : अस्पष्ट, अनेकार्थी, संदिग्धार्थक, संदिग्ध, गोल-मोल
English Meaning : 1. If you describe something as ambiguous, you mean that it is unclear or confusing because it can be understood in more than one way.
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Embroil (उलझाना)

Word of the week - Embroil
Pronunciation : "इम्ब्रॉइल"
Hindi Meaning : "उलझाना", "व्याकुल करना", "आपत्ति में डालना", "गड़बड़ करना"
English Meaning : 1. If someone embroils you in a fight or an argument, they get you deeply involved in it.
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Adoration (आराधना)

Word of the week - AdorationPronunciation : "एडोरेशन"
Hindi Meaning : "आराधना", "भक्ति", "श्रद्धा", "पूजा", "अति प्रेम", "इबादत"
English Meaning : Feeling of great admiration and love for someone or something.
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Pedagogue (अध्यापक)

Word of the week - Pedagogue
Pronunciation : "पैडःगौग"
Hindi Meaning : "अध्यापक", "शिक्षक", "गुरु", "आचार्य"
English Meaning :1. A pedagogue is a person who teaches,especially a strict or pedantic one.
2. If you describe someone as a pedagogue, you mean that they like to
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Embezzle (ग़बन करना)

Word of the week - Embezzle
Pronunciation : ऐम्बैज़ल
Hindi Meaning : ग़बन करना, सौंपा हुआ धन अपने काम में इस्तेमाल करना, हडप लेना, पचाना
English Meaning : 1. Misappropriation of money or property left in one's care
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Recapitulate (पुनरावृत्ति करना)

Word of the week - RecapitulatePronunciation: "रीकेपिच्युलेट"
Hindi Meaning: "पुनरावृत्ति करना", "संक्षेप में वर्णन करना", "सारांश पेश करना", "सारांश प्रस्तुत करना"
English Meaning:
1. Summarize and state again the main points.
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Misconceive (गलत समझना)

Word of the week - MisconceivePronunciation: मिसकनसिव
Hindi Meaning: गलत समझना, उल्टा समझना, मिथ्या धारणा होना, गलत अर्थ निकालना
English Meaning: 
1. Interpret in the wrong way. 
2. Judge or plan badly, typically on the basis of faulty understanding. 
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Independence (स्वतंत्रता)

Word of the week - IndependencePronunciation: "इन्डीपेंडेन्स"
Hindi Meaning: स्वतंत्रता, आजादी, स्वावलम्बन, स्वाधीनता
English Meaning: 1. The state of being independent.
2. Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty, over the territory.
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Jeopardize (खतरे में डालना)

Word of the week - JeopardizePronunciation : जेपर्डाइज़
Hindi meaning : खतरे में डालना, जोखिम में डालना, आपत्ति में डालना, संकट में डालना
English Meaning :
1. To jeopardize a situation or activity means to do something that may destroy it or cause it to fail.
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Contradiction (अंतर्विरोध)

Word of the week - ContradictionPronunciation: "कॉन्ट्रेडिक्शन"
Hindi Meaning: अंतर्विरोध, परस्पर विरोध, प्रतिवाद, निराकरण, खंडन
English Meaning:  1. A combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another.
2. The act of going against opposition.
3. If you describe an aspect of a situation as a contradiction you mean that it is completely different from other aspect, and so makes the situation confused or difficult to understand.
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Precedent (पूर्व उदाहरण)

Word of the week - PrecedentPronunciation:- प्रेसिडेंट
Hindi Meaning:- पूर्व उदाहरण, प्रमाण, पूर्ववर्ती , मिसाल, पूर्व निर्णय, नमूना, पूर्विका, आधिकारीक निर्णय
English Meaning:- an official action or decision that has happened in the past and that is seen as an example or a rule to be followed in a similar situation later.

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Serenity (शांति, शुद्धता)

Word of the week - SerenityPronunciation:- सेरेनिटी
Hindi Meaning : शांति, शुद्धता, स्थिरता, निस्तब्धता, सफ़ाई, निर्मलता

English Meaning : Peace, Calm
1. The absence of mental stress or anxiety.
2. A disposition free from emotions.
3. A state or quality of being calm.
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Fatal (घातक)

Word of the week - FatalPronunciation:- फेटल
Hindi Meaning:- घातक, प्राणनाशक, सांघातिक, भाग्य का लिखा हुआ
English Meaning:- causing or ending in death.
Example :-
1. A fatal accident/blow/illness
2. A potentially fatal form of cancer

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Pathetic (करुणाजनक)

Word of the week - PatheticPronunciation:- पेथेटिक
Hindi Meaning:- हृदयग्राही, करुणाजनक, दयनीय, कारुणिक, दीन, शोचनीय, भावात्मक, दिल पर असर करने वाला
English Meaning:- sad, affecting
1. Making you feel pity or sadness.
2. Deserving or inciting pity.
3. Inspiring mixed contempt and pity; "their efforts were pathetic"; "pitiable lack of character"; "pitiful exhibition of cowardice"

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Combat (युद्ध, समाघात)

Word of the week - CombatPronunciation:- कोम्बेट
Hindi Meaning:- युद्ध, समाघात, लडाई, मुकाबला, सामना
English Meaning:- Fighting or a fight, especially during a time of war.
Example :-
1. Troops then leaped onto the enemy ship and engaged in fierce hand-to-hand combat.
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Irresistible (अप्रतिरोध्य)

Word of the week - IrresistiblePronunciation:- इर्रेसिस्टिबल
Hindi Meaning:- अप्रतिरोध्य, अप्रतिहत, प्रबल, लुभावना, अत्यन्त सम्मोहक, अथक, अस्थिर, जो रुक सके
English Meaning:-
1. So strong that it cannot be stopped or resisted.
2. impossible to resist; overpowering; "irresistible (or resistless) impulses"; "what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?"

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Mumble (बुदबुदाना)

Word of the week - MumblePronunciation:- मम्बल
Hindi Meaning:- बुदबुदाना, अस्पष्ट बोलना, भुनभुनाना, बड़बड़ाना, ज़बान दबाकर कहना, मुंह बन्द करके खाना
English Meaning:-
1. To speak or say in a quiet voice in a way that is not clear.
2. Say something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.

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Elbow (कोहनी, कफोणि)

Word of the week - ElbowPronunciation:- एल्बो
Hindi Meaning:- कोहनी, कफोणि, मोड, कूर्पर
English Meaning:- Body Part, The joint between the upper and lower parts of the arm where it bends in the middle.
Example :-
1. She jabbed him with her elbow.

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Languish (दुर्बल, शिथिल)

Word of the week - Languish

Pronunciation:- लेन्गुइश
Hindi Meaning:- दुर्बल या कमजोर हो जाना, शिथिल, मंद, मुरझाना, क्षीणता
English Meaning:-To be or become weak or feeble; lose strength or vigor, to lose or diminish in strength or energy, to put on a tender, nostalgic, or melancholic expression.
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Recumbent (झुका हुआ)

Word of the week - RecumbentPronunciation:- रिकम्बेंट
Hindi Meaning:- झुका हुआ, लेटा हुआ, पड़ा हुआ, टिका हुआ, सहारा लिए हुए
English Meaning:- Lying down, especially in a position of comfort or rest; reclining. Resting; idle.
Example :-
1. Her recumbent body.

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Monastery (मठ, विहार)

Pronunciation:- मोनेस्ट्री
Hindi Meaning:- मठ, विहार, आश्रम, ईसाई मठ 

English Meaning:-
(1) A house of religious retirement, or of seclusion from ordinary temporal concerns, especially for monks; more rarely applied to such a house for females.
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Acrimonious (उग्र)

Word of the week - AcrimoniousPronunciation:- एक्रिमोनियस
Hindi Meaning:- उग्र, प्रचण्ड, कटु, तीक्ष्ण, तेज, तीखा

English Meaning:- angry in tone, bitter

For an argument, angry and full of strong bitter feelings and words marked by strong resentment or cynicism; "an acrimonious dispute"; "bitter about the divorce"

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Lugubrious (शोकाकुल)

Word of the week - LugubriousPronunciation:- लुगुब्रीअस
Hindi Meaning:- शोकाकुल , अति दुखपूर्ण, विषादमय, दुःखात्मक, उदासीन, शोक-सूचक

English Meaning:- sad and serious, excessively mournful, dismal, or gloomy, especially to an exaggerated or ludicrous degree.

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Acquaint (परिचय प्राप्त करना)

Word of the week - AcquiantPronunciation:- अक्वेंट
Hindi Meaning:- परिचय प्राप्त करना, परिचित होना,  अवगत होना
English Meaning:- introduce, present, to make yourself familiar with, inform about something new.
Example :-
1. Please acquaint me with the facts of the case.

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Chronicle (इतिहास)

Word of the week - ChroniclePronunciation:- क्रोनिकल
Hindi Meaning:- इतिहास, वृत्तांत, तिथि-ग्रंथ,  इतिवृत्त, कालक्रम से अभिलेखन           
English Meaning:- Record, written description of past events

A written records of events in the order in which they happened.

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Abandonment (परित्याग)

Word of the week - AbandonmentPronunciation:-  अबेन्डन्मेंट
Hindi Meaning:- परित्याग, परित्यजन, आत्मसमर्पण, अधिकार त्याग  
English Meaning:- To withdraw one's support or help from, forsaking, desertion.
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Realistic (यथार्थवादी)

Realistic - Word of the weekPronunciation:- रियलिस्टीक
Hindi Meaning:- यथार्थवादी
English Meaning:- sensible, matter-of-fact.
Accepting in a sensible way what is actually possible to do or achieve in a particular situation.
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Various types of Dictionaries

A dictionary is a collection of words in one or more specific languages kept together in order to serve a person who is willing to know the meaning of a word. It is a tool for anyone who wants to know the meaning of a word. By this your written communications get improved and you masters the fluency on the particular language. There are various types of dictionaries available which are as follows:

General Dictionary:- These are normal dictionaries that give you information about the most common words. This is the most common version that people use in their homes and it is the best for everyday use and in everyone’s life.

Thesaurus:- It organizes the words in categories and defines them in detail with the help of illustrations.

Glossary:- A glossary is a list of words along with their definitions. Glossaries are normally found at the back of a book (appendix).

Pocket Dictionary:-It is a small portable dictionary (also known as Compact Dictionary) designed to be carried in the pocket.

Bilingual Dictionary:- It is in two languages. Each language is grouped alphabetically and the user can use it in both the languages vice versa. Sheels Dictionary belongs to this category.

Monolingual Dictionary:- It uses the same language to explain the words, for example English to English or Hindi to Hindi Dictionary.
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