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Prodigal (अपव्ययी)

Pronunciation:प्रोडिगल Hindi Meaning:अपव्ययी, उङाउ, खर्चीला, फिजूलखर्ची Example: फिजूलखर्ची व्यक्ति के हाथ कुछ नहीं रहता। English Meaning: 1.Someone who behaves in prodigal way spends a lot of money carelessly without thinking about what will happen when they have none left.     2 .You can describe someone as prodigal son or daughter if they leave their family or friends, often after a period of behaving badly, and then return at a later time as a better person.
 Example: 1.Prodigal habits die hard 2.His prodigal son came back.
Synonyms: wasteful, lavish, thriftless, profuse, spendthrift, immoderate
Antonyms: thrifty, moderate, care, frugal, parsimonious

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Miraculous (चमत्कारी)

Pronunciation:- मिरेक्युलस Hindi Meaning:- चमत्कारी, आश्चर्यजनक, चमत्कारपूर्ण, अपौरुषेय English Meaning:- like a miracle; completely unexpected and very lucky
1. Of the nature of miracle; preternatural
2. Able to work miracles 

Camouflage (छलावरण करना)

Pronunciation : कैमॉफ्लेज
Hindi Meaning : "छलावरण करना", छल करना, छिपाना
English Meaning :
1.If you camouflage something such as a feeling or a situation, you hide it or make it appear to be something different.
2.Hide or disguise the presence of a person, animal, or object.

Example :
1. I think that there has been an attempt to camouflage what really happened.
2. The hunter decided to camouflage himself while deer hunting.

Synonyms : chicanery, nag, fault-finding, artifice, trick, hoax, masking, false- appearance, fake

Antonyms : uncover, reveal, show, unmask

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Garrulous (बातूनी)

Pronunciation : गैरलस
Hindi Meaning : बकवासी, वाचाल, बकवादी, कल- कल के साथ कहने वाला, बातूनिया, मुखर
English Meaning :
1. If you describe someone as garrulous, you mean that they talk a great deal, especially about unimportant things.
2. Excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters.
3. Wordy and rambling.

Example :
1. Some people are very garrulous, and I do not like garrulous people.
2. It is hard for Lily to keep secrete because she is garrulous in nature.
3. Though my all windows and doors are closed, I can still hear my garrulous neighbours loudly gossip in the night.

Synonyms : talk-active, chatty, mouthy, verbose, diffusive, voluble, loquacious, vociferous

Antonyms : silent, reserved, untalk-active, still, laconic

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Fret (चिड़चिड़ाना)

Pronunciation:- फ्रेट Hindi Meaning:-चिड़चिड़ाना, रगडकर घिसना, झल्लाना English Meaning:- to be worried or unhappy and not able to relax Example :-
1. Fretting about it won’t help.