Nomadic (खानाबदोश)

Pronunciation :  नोमेडिक 

Hindi Meaning : घुमंतू, खानाबदोश, घुमक्कड़

English Meaning : one who travel from place to place rather living in one place all the time.
Example :
1. Early men were nomadic.
2. After some time early man gave up their nomadic life and became civilized.
3. The nomadic wild animal never stayed in one place for long.

Synonyms : migratory, strolling, vagrant, rangy, peripatetic, wandering, gypsy

Antonyms :  native, settled

Previous word of the week : Stride

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Stride (छलाँग)

Pronunciation : स्ट्राइड

Hindi Meaning : प्रगति,  तरक़्क़ी, फलांग

English Meaning : 1. if you stride somewhere, you walk there with quick, long step
2. walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction.

Example :
1. He was getting into his stride at last.
2. Her unusually swift stride outdistanced both of them.
3. He covered the distance quickly with his long stride.

Synonyms : tramp,  stomp, clump, pace, parade, traipse, tromp

Antonyms : ramble, stroll, wander, meander

Previous word of the week : Gigantic

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Gigantic (बहुत बड़ा)

Pronunciation :  जायगेन्टिक

Hindi Meaning : विशाल, महाकाय, बहुत बड़ा, लम्बा चौड़ा

English Meaning : of very great size or extent; huge or enormous.

Example : 1. Thousands of students are enrolling in gigantic open on line courses. 2. A gigantic task of national reconstruction awaits us. 3. Dozens of youths in the street combing their hair peering into gigantic foot square mirrors.  

Synonyms : giant, spacious, enormous, immense, bulky, mammoth, huge, immeasurable, large  

Antonyms : teeny, tiny, small, little, miniature, insignificant, minute  

Previous word of the week : Placate
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Desperate (हताश)

Pronunciation : डेस्परेट

Hindi Meaning : हताश, निराश, मायूस, मरने पर उतारू

English Meaning : If you are desperate, you are in such a bad
situation, that you are willing to try anything to change it.

Example : 
1. He also know he is feeling desperate right about now.
2. I crashed the car and was desperate for help.
3. People are desperate for him to do something.

Synonyms :  heartsick, dead alive, frustrated, hopeless, despondent, depressing, disappointing, dispirited, downward, downcast,

Antonyms :  confident, satisfied, hopeful, secure, peaceful, cowardly, calm, moderate, meek, contented

Previous word of the week : Placate

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Placate (सांत्वना देना)

Pronunciation : प्लेकेट

Hindi Meaning : सांत्वना देना, दिलासा देना, तसल्ली देना

English Meaning : make (someone) less angry or hostile.

Example :  
1. He smiled, trying to placate me.
2. I tried to placate the sad little boy by giving him a chocolate.
3. If no one tries to placate my brother when she is angry, he gets even angrier.

Synonyms :  tranquilize, calm down, console, cheer up, pacify, reconcile, stroke

Antonyms :  upset, provoke, worry, trouble, irritate, incite

Previous word of the week : Esoteric

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Esoteric (गुप्त)

Pronunciation : एसॉटेरिक

Hindi Meaning : गूढ़, गुप्त

English Meaning : If you describe some as esoteric you mean it is known, understood, or appreciated by only a small number of people.

Example :
1. Only a couple of people I know share your esoteric thoughts on those religious principles.
2. He made an esoteric joke that only he and his sister understood.
3. Mohit was very familiar with esoteric literature from the Middle Ages.

Synonyms :  heavy, occult, secret, Orphic, hidden, cryptic, mystical, abstruse, hermetic, profound, inscrutable

Antonyms : obvious, known, public, familiar, common

Previous word of the week : Vex

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Vex (चिढ़ना)

Word of the week - Vex
Pronunciation : वेक्स

Hindi Meaning : चिढ़ना, खीझाना, सताना

English Meaning : 1. make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.

       2. to bring trouble, distress, or agitation to   

Example : 
1. The sound of a fly buzzing near my ear is something that can vex me to no end.
2. Please accept my apology because I did not mean to vex you with my words.
3. If you attempt to vex the dog by pulling his tail, he is sure to bite you.

Synonyms : annoy, afflict, disturb, disquiet, rile, give a hard time, nettle, infuriate, exasperate

Antonyms :  comfort, please, soothe, mollify, cheer, calm, ease, please, assist, delight, appease, make happy

Previous word of the week : Browbeat

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Browbeat (धमकाना)

Word of the week - Browbeat
Pronunciation :  ब्रोबीट

Hindi Meaning :  धमकाना, धमकी देना

English Meaning :
1. intimidate (someone), typically into doing something, with stern or abusive words.
2. If someone tries to browbeat you, they try to force you to do what they want.

Example :
1. He does not browbeat, but quietly negotiates to bring people around.
2. They browbeat everyone who disagrees with them.
3. They try to browbeat us so that we never disagree with them and let them to do bad things.

Synonyms : scarify, bluster, daunt, intimidate, threaten, terrorize

Antonyms :  assist, coax, praise, boost, help, compliment

Previous word of the week : Propitiate
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Propitiate (संतुष्ट करना)

Pronunciation : प्रपीशिएट

Hindi Meaning : संतुष्ट करना, शांत करना, धीमा करना, राज़ी करना

English Meaning :  If you propitiate someone, you stop them being angry impatient by doing something to please them.

Example :
1. I have never gone out of my way to propitiate people.
2. These ancient ceremonies propitiate the spirits of the waters.
3. After offending his boss, Kumar tried to propitiate him by inviting him to dinner.

Synonyms : satisfy, pamper, calm, quiet, slack up, placate, recreate, decelerate, soothe, assuage

Previous word of the week : Exculpate

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Exculpate (सफ़ाई देना)

Pronunciation : एक्सकल्पेट

Hindi Meaning : सफ़ाई देना, निर्दोष सिद्ध करना, दोषमुक्त करना

English Meaning : show or declare that (someone) is not guilty of wrongdoing.

Example :
1. Each one makes some attempt to exculpate the other.
2. He is exculpating even after doing such a crime.
3. He had to exculpate the defendant due to lack of evidence.

Synonyms : explain, clean, tidy up, acquit, exonerate, clear, discharge, condone, excuse, justify, remit, pardon, amnesty

Antonyms : incriminate, sentence, keep, censure, hold, maintain, damn, accuse, condemn

Previous word of the week : Deprive

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Deprive (वंचित करना)

Pronunciation :  डिप्राइव

Hindi Meaning : वंचित करना, हरण करना, हटाना, छीन लेना

English Meaning : 1. Prevent (a person or place) from having or using something.
2. If you deprive someone of something that they want or need, you take it away from them, or you prevent them from having it.

Example :

1. They have been deprived of the fuel necessary to heat their homes.
2. If you deprive a person of food and water for days they die.
3. Don't deprive your team of an member for an overly long time.

Synonyms : shear, bereave, denude, mulct, dislodge, alienate, repel, take up

Antonyms : endow, present, supply, offer, keep, bestow, cover, clothe, give

Previous word of the week : Attenuate

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Attenuate (दुर्बल होना)

Pronunciation : अटैन्यूएट

Hindi Meaning : दुर्बल होना, पतला करना

English Meaning : reduce the force, effect, or value of.

Example :
1. You could never eliminate risk, but preparation and training could attenuate it.
2. They will attenuate rights and still call them rights.
3. Well, okay, but this risk can be significantly attenuated before transplantation.

Synonyms : languish, weaken, fall, away, attenuate, cut down, assuage, curtail, sicken

Antonyms : expand, intensify, stretch, enlarge, extend, enable, assist, strengthen

Previous word of the week : Evasive

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Evasive (गोलमाल)

Pronunciation : इवेसिव

Hindi Meaning : गोलमाल, टालने वाला, टाल-मटूल करने वाला

English Meaning : difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.

Example :
 1. She was evasive when her mother asked her where she had been. 
 2. He was evasive about the circumstances of his first meeting.
 3. The manager found his responses to many questions evasive.  

Synonyms :  Elusive, intangible, slippery , lying, sly, fugitive, devious, false

Antonyms : Clear, honest, direct, ready, definite, truthful, straight, forthright`

Previous word of the week : Abscond
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Abscond (फरार होना)

Pronunciation : एब्सकौंड

Hindi Meaning :  फरार होना, भाग जाना

English Meaning : to leave secretly and hide, often to avoid the law.

Example :
1. He was ordered to appear the following day, but absconded.
2. The greedy accountant was caught at the airport before he could abscond with the company’s profits.
3. Because he was driving without a license, Rohit chose to abscond while the officer ran his car tag.

Synonyms : run away, get off,  escapade,  clear out, take off

Antonyms :  wait, stay, face, join, yield, abide, continue, remain, stop, arrive

Previous word of the week : Enigmatic

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Enigmatic (रहस्यपूर्ण)

Pronunciation : एनीग्मैटिक

Hindi Meaning : रहस्यपूर्ण, अज्ञेय, पेचीदा, अस्प्ष्ट

English Meaning : difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.

Example :
1. The lady in red dress had an enigmatic smile which made all the men curious about her.
2. All the soldiers wanted to know more about their enigmatic captain.
3. Our teacher is an enigmatic woman who never reveals details about herself.

Synonyms : mysterious, superhuman, metaphysical, implicit, opaque, inarticulate,subtle, inexplicable

Antonyms : known, plain, explicit, clear

Previous word of the week : Rescind
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Rescind (रद्द कर देना)

Pronunciation : रिसिन्ड

Hindi Meaning : रद्द कर देना, रोकना, मंसूख़ करना

English Meaning : revoke, cancel, repeal

Example :
1. I sense that Blair is now rescinding on our agreement.
2. Jesus and the New Testament authors never rescind justice.
3.  In spite of the problematic timing, the British did not rescind their invitation.

Synonyms :  scrub, do away, revoke, stop, suspend, detain, pull back, nullify, cancel

Antonyms :  permit, support, sanction, enforce, establish, uphold, legalize, allow, keep, validate

Previous word of the week : Venerate
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Venerate (आदर करना)

Pronunciation : वेनरेट

Hindi Meaning : आदर करना,  मानना, सम्मानित करना, पूजना

English Meaning : If you venerate someone or something you value them or feel great respect for them.

Example : 
1. Many people attend church services to venerate God.
2. In some cultures, it is mandatory that wives venerate their husbands and place them on pedestals.
3. We should venerate our parents and our elders.

Synonyms :  honor by, regard, feel, esteem, set by, respect, reckon, recognize, idolize, deify, reverence

Antonyms :  hate, abhor, denounce, scorn, dislike, disparage, despise

Previous word of the week : Corroborate
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Corroborate (परिपुष्ट करना)

Pronunciation : करौबरेट

Hindi Meaning : पुष्ट करना, समर्थन करना, संपुष्ट करना

English Meaning :1. To corroborate something that has been said or reported means to provide evidence or information that supports it
2. to strengthen or support with other evidence

Example :
1. I had access to a wide range of documents which corroborated the story.
2. If his words are not enough, the evidence will corroborate his claim.
3. I prayed my friend would corroborate the lie I told my parents.

Synonyms : stand for, affirm, confirm, authenticate, declare true, approve, prove, bear out

Antonyms : veto, deny, oppose, reject, refute, disallow, disclaim, refuse, contradict

Previous word of the week : Occlude

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Occlude (रोक देना)

Pronunciation : अकलूड

Hindi Meaning : रोक देना, रोकना

English Meaning :
1. stop, close up, or obstruct
2. come into contact with another tooth in the opposite jaw.

Example : 
1. It looks like the clouds are going to occlude the sun and ruin my picnic.
2. Although I do not want you inside of my office, I will not occlude your entry by locking the door while I am away.
3. During the surgery, the doctor will do everything possible to not occlude the flow of blood to the patient’s heart.

Synonyms :  stop, suspend, clamp, leave out, congest, impede, shut, enclose, clog, retain, keep back, resist

Antonyms :  unplug, permit, forward, release, assist, facilitate, encourage, allow

Previous word of the week : Exacerbate

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Exacerbate (ख़राब करना)

Pronunciation : एक्सासरबेट
Hindi Meaning : ख़राब करना, तेज करना, तीव्र करना, गहरा बनाना
English Meaning : If something exacerbates a problem or bad
situation, it makes it worse.

Example :
1. She chose to exacerbate the argument by throwing a shoe at his head.
2. My headache started to exacerbate when my neighbor plays his loud music.
3. If you do not tell the truth in court, you will only exacerbate the charges against you.

Synonyms : escalate, intensify, sharpen, quicken, impair, deform, whet, increase, worsen, inflame

Antonyms : calm, improve, pacify, placate, appease, delight, make happy, soothe, comfort

Previous word of the week : Assuage

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Assuage (शांत करना)

Pronunciation : अस्वेज

Hindi Meaning : शांत करना, मृदु करना, बुझाना, धीमा करना

English Meaning :
1. to make less severe
2. to appease or satisfy
3. If you assuage an unpleasant feeling that someone has, you make them feel it less strongly.

Example :
1. To assuage his wife's grief, he took her on a tour of Europe.
2. The meat they had managed to procure assuaged their hunger.
3. He tried to assuage the guilt of wrongdoing by doing right.

Synonyms : soothe, appease, calm, quiet, quell,  attenuate,  curtail

Antonyms : trouble, agitate, intensify, dissatisfy, provoke, aggravate, incite, deplete

Previous word of the week : Unravel (सुलझाना)
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Unravel (सुलझाना)

Pronunciation : अनरेवल

Hindi Meaning : सुलझाना, खोलना, उधेडना

English Meaning : 
1. If something such as a plan or system unravels, it breaks up or begins to fail.
2. investigate and solve or explain (something complicated or puzzling).

Example : 
1. government began to unravel because of a banking scandal.
2. a young mother has flown to Iceland to unravel the mystery of her husband's disappearance.
3. gradually, with an intelligent use of flashbacks her story unravels.

Synonyms : tackle, deal with, clear up, dis embroil, dis embarrass, open, unwind, unzip, unpack, unscrew

Antonyms : question, wonder, entangle, join, twist, unite, wind, knot, tangle

Previous word of the week : Patronize
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Patronize (संरक्षण करना)

Pronunciation :  पेट्रोनाइज़

Hindi Meaning :  संरक्षण करना, सहायता देना, आश्रय देना, प्रतिपालन करना

English Meaning : 
1. treat with an apparent kindness which betrays a feeling of superiority.
2. If someone patronizes you, they speak or behave towards you in a way which seems friendly, but which shows that they think they are superior to you in some way.

Example :
1. Don't you patronize me.
2. He often felt patronized by his tutors.
3. We will not patronize them by telling them what they already know.

Synonyms : cooperate, lend a hand, stand by, protect, guard, aid, help, redound, espouse, favor

Antonyms : be humble, contend, antagonize

Previous word of the week : Deprave

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Deprave (बिगाड़ना)

Pronunciation :  डिप्रेव

Hindi Meaning : बिगाडना, भ्रष्ट करना, हानि पहुंचाना

English Meaning : Something that depraves someone makes them morally bad or evil.

Example :
1. He had a depraved childhood.
2. The house looked as if it had been depraved of a family's love for years.
3. A person who preys on children is a depraved individual.

Synonyms : ulcerate, defile, corrupt, smirch, spoil, mess, brawl, deface, damage

Antonyms : value, moralize, upgrade, praise, ennoble, improve

Previous word of the week : Evade

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Evade (बचना)

Pronunciation: इवेड

Hindi Meaning:  बचना, टलना, छिपाना, टालमटोल करना, बच निकालना

English Meaning: If you evade something, you find a way of not doing something that you really ought to do.

1.She turned and gazed at the river, evading his eyes.
2.He managed to evade capture because of  the break down of police computer.
3.She sometimes uses humor to evade a sticky question.

Synonyms: elude, flinch, abstain, back away, move away, put out of sight, prevaricate, sidestep, let out

Antonyms: reveal, stay, tell, confront, encounter, show, be honest, help, remain

Previous Word of the week : Bribe

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Bribe (घूस)

Pronunciation : ब्राइब
Hindi Meaning : घूस, रिश्वत, रिश्वत देना
English Meaning : 1.A bribe is sum of money or something valuable that one person offers or gives to another in order to persuade him or her to do something
2. If one persons bribes another, they give them a bribe.

Example :
1. He was being investigated for receiving bribes.
2. He was accused of bribing a senior bank official.
3. The government bribed the workers to be quite.

Synonyms :  tamper, palm oil, subsidize, pay off, grease palm of

Antonyms : hindrance, penalty, loss

Previous word of the week : Reunite 
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Reunite (पुनर्मिलन करना)

Pronunciation : रियुनाइट

Hindi Meaning : पुनर्मिलन करना, सम्मिलन करना, फिर मिलना या मिलाना

English Meaning : If people are reunited, or if they reunite, they meet each other again after they have been separated for some time.

Example :
1. She and her youngest son were finally allowed to be reunited with their family.
2. She spent the post-war years of her marriage trying to reunite father and son.
3. The band will reunite for this show only.

Synonyms : reunify, unite, reconvene, get together,  meet again, reconcile

Antonyms : separate, estrange

Previous word of the week : Prompt
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Prompt (शीघ्र)

Pronunciation : प्रॉम्प्ट

Hindi Meaning : शीघ्र, तेज़, फुरतीला, प्रेरित करना, चतुर, उत्साह देना

English Meaning : To prompt someone to do something means to make them decide to do it.

Example :
1.The need for villagers to control their own destinies has prompted a new plan.
2.They seem to take your prompt to follow-up with tardy outside readers.

Synonyms : expedite, fast, expeditious, immediate, spanking, speedy, quick, prudent,  astute

Antonyms : slow, delayed, apathetic, tardy, later, late, sluggish, lethargic, unwilling

Previous word of the week : Brutal
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brutal (क्रूर)

Pronunciation : ब्रूटल

Hindi Meaning :  क्रूर, निष्ठुर, निर्दय, नृशंस, पाशविक, अमानवीय

Example : वह एक क्रूर अपराधी है|

English Meaning : A brutal act or person is cruel and violent.

Example : 
1.He was the victim of a very brutal murder.
2.He is a dangerous man, and can be very brutal and reckless.
3.His approach was so brutal that we all maintained a distance from him.

Synonyms : stern, grim, ruthless, pitiless, fierce, violent, cruel, merciless

Antonyms : merciful, kind, sympathetic, tender, compassionate

Previous words of the week: Vanquish

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Vanquish (जीतना)

Pronunciation: वेन्क्विश

Hindi Meaning: जीतना, विजय प्राप्त करना, जीत हासिल करना, बस में लाना, पराजित करना, हराना

English Meaning: to vanquish someone means to defeat them completely in a competition.

1.A happy ending is only possible because the hero has first vanquished the dragons.
2.Arguments are used constructively to clarify issues, not to vanquish opponents.
3.Certain diseases that we thought we had vanquished years ago are coming back.
4.Vanquish every demon in the world.

Synonyms: fight down, score off, get through, win a victory, overbear, conquer, checkmate, restrain restrain

Antonyms: lose, surrender, yield, let go, release, fail, give in

Previous words of the week:  Abet

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Abet (उकसाना)

Pronunciation: ऍबेट

Hindi Meaning: उकसाना

Example: कभी किसी को बुरा काम करने के लिये नही उकसाना चाहिये।

English Meaning: If one person abets another, they help or encourage them to do something criminal or wrong.

1.His wife was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for aiding and abetting him.
2.You are certainly not abetting the person breaking into your system.
3.We should never abet someone to do crimes.

Synonyms: encourage, dare, instigate, blow up, actuate, aid, promote, provoke

Antonyms:  protest, disprove, impede, hinder

Previous words of the week: Haggle
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Haggle (मोल भाव करना)

Pronunciation: हैगल
Hindi Meaning:  मोल भाव करना, सौदेबाज़ी करना, झंझट करना, बखेङा करना
१.वह कुछ भी खरीदते समय बहुत मोल भाव करती है।
२. उसने मुझे समझाया कि फर्नीचर डीलर से कैसे मोल भाव करना चाहिये।

English Meaning: If you haggle, you argue about something before reaching an agreement,
especially about the cost of something that you are buying.

Example: I taught her how to haggle with used furniture dealers.

Synonyms: bargain, squabble, argue, dispute, quibble,

Antonyms: concur, agree, assent, accede

Previous words of the week: Vegetate

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Vegetate (निरर्थक जीवन बिताना)

Pronunciation: वेजीटेट

Hindi Meaning: निरर्थक जीवन बिताना, उगना

Example: उसने अपना जीवन निरर्थक बिता दिया।

English Meaning: If someone vegetates, they spend their time doing boring or worthless things.

1. He spends all his free time at home vegetating in front of the TV.

Synonyms: pass-time, loaf, idle

Antonyms: activate, improve, grow, develop, carry out

Previous words of the week: Contrive
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Contrive (उपाय निकालना)

Pronunciation : कॉन्ट्राइव
Hindi Meaning : इजाद करना, उपाय निकालना ,आविष्कार करना, योजना करना
Example : अपराधियों ने जेल से बाहर निकलने का उपाय सोचा।
English Meaning : If you contrive an event or situation, you succeed in making it happen, often by tricking someone.

Example :
1. The criminal contrived a plan to escape from jail.
2. He could not contrive an explanation for his misbehaviour.

Synonyms :contrive, invent, discover, think up, make it up

Antonyms : destroy, neglect, stop, ruin, dissuade, demolish, waste

Previous words of the week: Enrapture

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Enrapture (प्रफुल्लित करना)

Pronunciation: एंरेप्चर
Hindi Meaning: प्रफुल्लित करना, आनन्दित करना, निहाल करना
1.पचमढी के द्रश्य ने हम सभी का मन प्रफुल्लित कर दिया।
English Meaning: If something or someone enraptures
 you, you think they are wonderful or fascinating.
 1.The place at once enraptured me.
2.She was enraptured by the sleeping child.

Synonyms: over joy, delight, make happy, Enamour, enchant, attract, charm

Antonyms: bore, repel, annoy, pain, displease, disenchant, upset

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