Evade (बचना)

Pronunciation: इवेड

Hindi Meaning:  बचना, टलना, छिपाना, टालमटोल करना, बच निकालना

English Meaning: If you evade something, you find a way of not doing something that you really ought to do.

1.She turned and gazed at the river, evading his eyes.
2.He managed to evade capture because of  the break down of police computer.
3.She sometimes uses humor to evade a sticky question.

Synonyms: elude, flinch, abstain, back away, move away, put out of sight, prevaricate, sidestep, let out

Antonyms: reveal, stay, tell, confront, encounter, show, be honest, help, remain

Previous Word of the week : Bribe

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Bribe (घूस)

Pronunciation : ब्राइब
Hindi Meaning : घूस, रिश्वत, रिश्वत देना
English Meaning : 1.A bribe is sum of money or something valuable that one person offers or gives to another in order to persuade him or her to do something
2. If one persons bribes another, they give them a bribe.

Example :
1. He was being investigated for receiving bribes.
2. He was accused of bribing a senior bank official.
3. The government bribed the workers to be quite.

Synonyms :  tamper, palm oil, subsidize, pay off, grease palm of

Antonyms : hindrance, penalty, loss

Previous word of the week : Reunite 
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Reunite (पुनर्मिलन करना)

Pronunciation : रियुनाइट

Hindi Meaning : पुनर्मिलन करना, सम्मिलन करना, फिर मिलना या मिलाना

English Meaning : If people are reunited, or if they reunite, they meet each other again after they have been separated for some time.

Example :
1. She and her youngest son were finally allowed to be reunited with their family.
2. She spent the post-war years of her marriage trying to reunite father and son.
3. The band will reunite for this show only.

Synonyms : reunify, unite, reconvene, get together,  meet again, reconcile

Antonyms : separate, estrange

Previous word of the week : Prompt
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Prompt (शीघ्र)

Pronunciation : प्रॉम्प्ट

Hindi Meaning : शीघ्र, तेज़, फुरतीला, प्रेरित करना, चतुर, उत्साह देना

English Meaning : To prompt someone to do something means to make them decide to do it.

Example :
1.The need for villagers to control their own destinies has prompted a new plan.
2.They seem to take your prompt to follow-up with tardy outside readers.

Synonyms : expedite, fast, expeditious, immediate, spanking, speedy, quick, prudent,  astute

Antonyms : slow, delayed, apathetic, tardy, later, late, sluggish, lethargic, unwilling

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