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Attenuate (दुर्बल होना)

Pronunciation : अटैन्यूएट

Hindi Meaning : दुर्बल होना, पतला करना

English Meaning : reduce the force, effect, or value of.

Example :
1. You could never eliminate risk, but preparation and training could attenuate it.
2. They will attenuate rights and still call them rights.
3. Well, okay, but this risk can be significantly attenuated before transplantation.

Synonyms : languish, weaken, fall, away, attenuate, cut down, assuage, curtail, sicken

Antonyms : expand, intensify, stretch, enlarge, extend, enable, assist, strengthen

Previous word of the week : Evasive

Evasive (गोलमाल)

Pronunciation : इवेसिव

Hindi Meaning : गोलमाल, टालने वाला, टाल-मटूल करने वाला

English Meaning : difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.

Example :
 1. She was evasive when her mother asked her where she had been.
 2. He was evasive about the circumstances of his first meeting.
 3. The manager found his responses to many questions evasive. 

Synonyms :  Elusive, intangible, slippery , lying, sly, fugitive, devious, false

Antonyms : Clear, honest, direct, ready, definite, truthful, straight, forthright`

Previous word of the week : Abscond

Abscond (फरार होना)

Pronunciation : एब्सकौंड

Hindi Meaning :  फरार होना, भाग जाना

English Meaning : to leave secretly and hide, often to avoid the law.

Example :
1. He was ordered to appear the following day, but absconded.
2. The greedy accountant was caught at the airport before he could abscond with the company’s profits.
3. Because he was driving without a license, Rohit chose to abscond while the officer ran his car tag.

Synonyms : run away, get off,  escapade,  clear out, take off

Antonyms :  wait, stay, face, join, yield, abide, continue, remain, stop, arrive

Previous word of the week : Enigmatic

Enigmatic (रहस्यपूर्ण)

Pronunciation : एनीग्मैटिक

Hindi Meaning : रहस्यपूर्ण, अज्ञेय, पेचीदा, अस्प्ष्ट

English Meaning : difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.

Example :
1. The lady in red dress had an enigmatic smile which made all the men curious about her.
2. All the soldiers wanted to know more about their enigmatic captain.
3. Our teacher is an enigmatic woman who never reveals details about herself.

Synonyms : mysterious, superhuman, metaphysical, implicit, opaque, inarticulate,subtle, inexplicable

Antonyms : known, plain, explicit, clear

Previous word of the week : Rescind

Rescind (रद्द कर देना)

Pronunciation : रिसिन्ड

Hindi Meaning : रद्द कर देना, रोकना, मंसूख़ करना

English Meaning : revoke, cancel, repeal

Example :
1. I sense that Blair is now rescinding on our agreement.
2. Jesus and the New Testament authors never rescind justice.
3.  In spite of the problematic timing, the British did not rescind their invitation.

Synonyms :  scrub, do away, revoke, stop, suspend, detain, pull back, nullify, cancel

Antonyms :  permit, support, sanction, enforce, establish, uphold, legalize, allow, keep, validate

Previous word of the week : Venerate