Browbeat (धमकाना)

Word of the week - Browbeat
Pronunciation :  ब्रोबीट

Hindi Meaning :  धमकाना, धमकी देना

English Meaning :
1. intimidate (someone), typically into doing something, with stern or abusive words.
2. If someone tries to browbeat you, they try to force you to do what they want.

Example :
1. He does not browbeat, but quietly negotiates to bring people around.
2. They browbeat everyone who disagrees with them.
3. They try to browbeat us so that we never disagree with them and let them to do bad things.

Synonyms : scarify, bluster, daunt, intimidate, threaten, terrorize

Antonyms :  assist, coax, praise, boost, help, compliment

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Propitiate (संतुष्ट करना)

Pronunciation : प्रपीशिएट

Hindi Meaning : संतुष्ट करना, शांत करना, धीमा करना, राज़ी करना

English Meaning :  If you propitiate someone, you stop them being angry impatient by doing something to please them.

Example :
1. I have never gone out of my way to propitiate people.
2. These ancient ceremonies propitiate the spirits of the waters.
3. After offending his boss, Kumar tried to propitiate him by inviting him to dinner.

Synonyms : satisfy, pamper, calm, quiet, slack up, placate, recreate, decelerate, soothe, assuage

Previous word of the week : Exculpate

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Exculpate (सफ़ाई देना)

Pronunciation : एक्सकल्पेट

Hindi Meaning : सफ़ाई देना, निर्दोष सिद्ध करना, दोषमुक्त करना

English Meaning : show or declare that (someone) is not guilty of wrongdoing.

Example :
1. Each one makes some attempt to exculpate the other.
2. He is exculpating even after doing such a crime.
3. He had to exculpate the defendant due to lack of evidence.

Synonyms : explain, clean, tidy up, acquit, exonerate, clear, discharge, condone, excuse, justify, remit, pardon, amnesty

Antonyms : incriminate, sentence, keep, censure, hold, maintain, damn, accuse, condemn

Previous word of the week : Deprive

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Deprive (वंचित करना)

Pronunciation :  डिप्राइव

Hindi Meaning : वंचित करना, हरण करना, हटाना, छीन लेना

English Meaning : 1. Prevent (a person or place) from having or using something.
2. If you deprive someone of something that they want or need, you take it away from them, or you prevent them from having it.

Example :

1. They have been deprived of the fuel necessary to heat their homes.
2. If you deprive a person of food and water for days they die.
3. Don't deprive your team of an member for an overly long time.

Synonyms : shear, bereave, denude, mulct, dislodge, alienate, repel, take up

Antonyms : endow, present, supply, offer, keep, bestow, cover, clothe, give

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