Release Notes

Sheels Dictionary Release 2.0 - September 14, 2014

1.      Added new words in database, now it contains 1,95,699 words.
2.      Added facility to search and type words phonetically.
3.      Facility of typing comma (,) and some punctuation marks has been added while adding and modifying words.
4.      Added Devnagari and Phonetic Keyboard help under Help menu.
5.      Editing word has been made simple and now it does not require providing word number.
6.      Fixed an issue with searching – In version 1.0 while searching “द” list of “छ” appeared.
7.      Searching has been made faster by using new algorithm.
8.      Added facility of state storing. Now the same dictionary will be opened on restarting software which was last closed. If user will close Hindi Dictionary, next time Hindi Dictionary will open and if user closes English Dictionary, next time same will open.
9.      Graphical User Interface has been more simplified and now it takes less space on users system.
10.  3D toolbar has been removed.
11.  Facility of Go To has been removed.
12.  This version will use 75% less disk space.
13.  Installation instructions have been updated. OCX error for Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista has been fixed. Now no compatibility setting will be required after installation.
14.  Older version of Sheels Dictionary i.e. Version 1.0 is now no longer supported.
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Mispronounced Words Part II

List of wrongly pronounced words in India - Part II

We have already seen some commonly used mispronounced words in our previous post. Here are some more common words which are wrongly pronounced by many persons.
  • Athlete – It is pronounced as /ATH-LETE/ not /ath-uh-lete/. The word has two syllables, not three.
  • Asterisk – It is pronounced as /AS-TER-ISK/ not /as-ter-ik/. Notice the second S.
  • Ask – It is pronounced as /ASK/ not /aks/. The S comes before the K.
  • Accessory – It is pronounced as AK-SESS-OR-Y not as ASS-ESS-OR-Y. The first C has a “hard” sound.
  • Arctic – Note the C after the R. It is pronounced as ARK-TIK not AR-TIK.
  • Anyway – The problem with this word the addition of an unnecessary sound. Don’t add an s to make it “anyways.” The word is ANYWAY.
  • Aegis – The ae in this word is pronounced "ee". It is pronounced as EE-JIS not AY-JIS.
  • Chef - It is pronounced as SHef not che-f. The word ch is represented in three different sounds in English. For example /tch/ as in Munch, /k/ as in Christian, and /sh/ as in chef. The first sound is heard in words of English origin. The second sound of ch, /k/, is heard in words of Greek origin. The third and least common of the three ch sounds is heard in words adopted from modern French.
  • Chaos – Chaos is a Greek word. It is pronounced as /KAY-OS/ not /chaa-os/.
  • Cache – The word is of French origin, but it does not end with an accented syllable. It is pronounced as /KASH/ not /ka-shay/.
  • Develop: It is pronounced as D+vay+lupp not Day+vay+lupp.
  • Dilate – The word has two syllables, not three. It is pronounced as /DI-LATE/ not /di-a-late/.
  • Epitome: It is pronounced as ep-i-tummy not ep-i-tome.
  • Etc (et cetera) – This Latin term is often mispronounced. It is pronounced as /ET CET-ER-A/ not /ex cet-er-a/.
  • February – It is pronounced as /FEB-ROO-AR-Y/ not /feb-u-ar-y/ or /far-vary/.
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