Realistic (यथार्थवादी)

Realistic - Word of the weekPronunciation:- रियलिस्टीक
Hindi Meaning:- यथार्थवादी
English Meaning:- sensible, matter-of-fact.
Accepting in a sensible way what is actually possible to do or achieve in a particular situation.
Example :-
1. A realistic assessment
2. We have to be realistic about our chance of winning.
3. It is not realistic to expect people to spend so much money.

Sensible and appropriate; possible to achieve
1. We must set realistic goals.
2. A realistic target.

Representing things as they are in real life
1. A realistic drawing.
2. Realistic graphics.

Sensible, Practical, Pragmatic, Down-to-earth, Levelheaded, Reasonable, Rational, Matter-of-fact.

Unrealistic, impractical, irrational, surreal, surrealistic, chimerical, delusive, false fantastic.
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