Recumbent (झुका हुआ)

Word of the week - RecumbentPronunciation:- रिकम्बेंट
Hindi Meaning:- झुका हुआ, लेटा हुआ, पड़ा हुआ, टिका हुआ, सहारा लिए हुए
English Meaning:- Lying down, especially in a position of comfort or rest; reclining. Resting; idle.
Example :-
1. Her recumbent body.

2. In a recumbent posture.
3. Leaning or resting against another organ or the ground a recumbent stem
4. "The hills in their recumbent postures Look into the silent lake."
5. New men felled me, burned me, cracked me and left me fallen - now recumbent.
6. Animals that do not become recumbent have a good chance of full recovery, although this may take several weeks.

prone, supine, prostrate, inclined, lying, resting, flat, leaning, horizontal, level, reclining, sprawling

Flat, horizontal, stretched out, erect, vertical, upright

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