Combat (युद्ध, समाघात)

Word of the week - CombatPronunciation:- कोम्बेट
Hindi Meaning:- युद्ध, समाघात, लडाई, मुकाबला, सामना
English Meaning:- Fighting or a fight, especially during a time of war.
Example :-
1. Troops then leaped onto the enemy ship and engaged in fierce hand-to-hand combat.
2. A man and a woman circle each other in a barbed relationship, a gladiatorial combat and struggle of wills than anything else.
3. In her fighter cockpit or in unarmed combat, she's force to be reckoned with.
4. Combat counterfeiting and piracy were put forward by the European commission in October.
5. Our losses were 23 aircraft lost in aerial combat, eighty lost in ditching.

Battle, fight, war, content, struggle, fighting, warfare, conflict 

accord, compromise, peace, retreat, surrender, truce

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