Serenity (शांति, शुद्धता)

Word of the week - SerenityPronunciation:- सेरेनिटी
Hindi Meaning : शांति, शुद्धता, स्थिरता, निस्तब्धता, सफ़ाई, निर्मलता

English Meaning : Peace, Calm
1. The absence of mental stress or anxiety.
2. A disposition free from emotions.
3. A state or quality of being calm.

4. A state of freedom from disturbance.

Example :
1. "Serenity" of heart and mind prepares people for forthcoming problems.
2. If you find "serenity" and happiness, people may be jealous.
3. Everyone likes "serenity".
4. She found the "serenity" of lake very smoothing.

Synonyms: Calmness, tranquility, dispassion, hush, exactitude, composure, noiselessness, quietness, purity, peacefulness

Antonyms: Anger, madness, agitation, terror, bustle, uproar, unrest, restless, violence

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