Misconceive (गलत समझना)

Word of the week - MisconceivePronunciation: मिसकनसिव
Hindi Meaning: गलत समझना, उल्टा समझना, मिथ्या धारणा होना, गलत अर्थ निकालना
English Meaning: 
1. Interpret in the wrong way. 
2. Judge or plan badly, typically on the basis of faulty understanding. 

3. Fail to understand something correctly. 

1. My teacher misconceived my essays. 
2. You have misconceived my whole approach to the problem. 

Synonyms: misinterpret, misunderstand, misapprehend, misjudge, misread 

Antonyms: comprehend, decipher, discern

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