Adoration (आराधना)

Word of the week - AdorationPronunciation : "एडोरेशन"
Hindi Meaning : "आराधना", "भक्ति", "श्रद्धा", "पूजा", "अति प्रेम", "इबादत"
English Meaning : Feeling of great admiration and love for someone or something.

Examples : 1. He had been used to female adoration all his life.
2. Meera spent her whole life in adoration of lord Krishna.
3. Kabira's stanzas move us to worship in silent adoration.

Synonyms : devotion, worship, reverence, obeisance, faith, constancy, piety

Antonyms : impiety, contempt, disdain, scorn, dishonor

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