Embroil (उलझाना)

Word of the week - Embroil
Pronunciation : "इम्ब्रॉइल"
Hindi Meaning : "उलझाना", "व्याकुल करना", "आपत्ति में डालना", "गड़बड़ करना"
English Meaning : 1. If someone embroils you in a fight or an argument, they get you deeply involved in it.

2. Involve (someone) deeply in an argument, conflict, or difficult situation.
3. Bring into a state of confusion or disorder.

Example :
1. By lying Kumar has embroiled himself.
2. criminal has embroiled by his own deposition.
3. Any hostility could result in retaliation and further embroil.
4. The Government insisted that troops would not become embroiled in battles in country.

Synonyms : confound, entangle, perplex, complicate, snarl, dishevel, broil, beset

Antonyms : assist, organize, explain, untwist, untangle, clear up, clarify, arrange, order

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