Obscurantism (अन्धकारवाद)

Word of the week - obscurantism
Pronunciation : "ऑब्सक्युरेन्टीज़्म"
Hindi Meaning : अन्धकारवाद, प्रगतिविरोध, सुधार या ज्ञान विरोधी मत
English Meaning :1.Obscurantism is the practice or policy of deliberately making something vague and difficult to understand,
especially in order to prevent people from finding out the truth.
2.The practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known.
3.Opposition to the increase and spread of knowledge.

Example :
1.He did not see fit to nominate an appropriate cause rather than one which promotes religious "obscurantism".
2. There are "obscurantism" in the most free and open cultures.
3.Obscurantism isn't only in the most obvious superstitions.

Synonyms : relapse, toryism, counterrevolution, dissembling, repercussion

Antonyms : radical, progressive

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