Quagmire (दलदल)

Word of the week - Quagmire
Pronunciation : क्वैग्माईर
Hindi Meaning : दलदल, धसान, तंग हालात, नाज़ुक हालात, कीचड़
English Meaning : 1. A quagmire is a difficult, complicated, or unpleasant situation which is not easy to avoid or escape from.
2. An awkward, complex, or hazardous situation: "a legal quagmire"
3. A quagmire is a soft, wet area of land which your feet sink into if you try to walk across it.

4. A soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot.

Example :
1. Those people had fallen further and further into a quagmire of confusion.
2. Rain had turned the grass into a quagmire.
3. Your vehicle got stuck in the quagmire.

Synonyms : marsh, bog, morass, slew, sough, entanglement, swamp, fen, dilemma

Antonyms : easel, convenience, contentment, solution

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