Eavesdrop (छिपकर बातें सुनना)

Word of the week - Eavesdrop
Pronunciation: इव्सड्रॉप
Hindi Meaning: छिपकर बातें सुनना, कान लगा कर सुनना
1.छिपकर बातें सुनना अच्छी बात नहीं होती।
2.पडौसी अक्सर एक दुसरे की बातें कान लगा कर सुनते है।
English Meaning:If you eavesdrop on someone, you listen secretly to what they are saying.

1.The government illigally eavesdrop on his telephone conversations.
2.The housemaid eavesdrop from behind the kitchen door.

Synonyms: bend an ear, tap, bug, pry, snoop, overhear, listen in, tune in on

Antonyms: ignore, chat, cut, disdain, despiser, disgrace

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