Obduracy (हठी होना)

Word of the week - Obduracy
Pronunciation: ओब्ड्युरेसी

Hindi Meaning:  पक्का होना, हठी होना, ज़िद्दी होना, ढीठपन

Example:  बच्चों की हर ज़िद पूरी करने से वो हठी हो जाते है।

English Meaning:   If you accuse someone of obduracy, you think their refusal to change their decision or opinion is unreasonable.

Example:  MPs have accused the government of obduracy and called on ministers to reverse their decision.

Synonyms: impertinence, audaciousness, indiscretion, petulance, impudence

Antonyms: submissive, docile, humble, tactful, polite, susceptible, yielding

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