Contrive (उपाय निकालना)

Pronunciation : कॉन्ट्राइव
Hindi Meaning : इजाद करना, उपाय निकालना ,आविष्कार करना, योजना करना
Example : अपराधियों ने जेल से बाहर निकलने का उपाय सोचा।
English Meaning : If you contrive an event or situation, you succeed in making it happen, often by tricking someone.

Example :
1. The criminal contrived a plan to escape from jail.
2. He could not contrive an explanation for his misbehaviour.

Synonyms :contrive, invent, discover, think up, make it up

Antonyms : destroy, neglect, stop, ruin, dissuade, demolish, waste

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