Corroborate (परिपुष्ट करना)

Pronunciation : करौबरेट

Hindi Meaning : पुष्ट करना, समर्थन करना, संपुष्ट करना

English Meaning :1. To corroborate something that has been said or reported means to provide evidence or information that supports it
2. to strengthen or support with other evidence

Example :
1. I had access to a wide range of documents which corroborated the story.
2. If his words are not enough, the evidence will corroborate his claim.
3. I prayed my friend would corroborate the lie I told my parents.

Synonyms : stand for, affirm, confirm, authenticate, declare true, approve, prove, bear out

Antonyms : veto, deny, oppose, reject, refute, disallow, disclaim, refuse, contradict

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