Occlude (रोक देना)

Pronunciation : अकलूड

Hindi Meaning : रोक देना, रोकना

English Meaning :
1. stop, close up, or obstruct
2. come into contact with another tooth in the opposite jaw.

Example : 
1. It looks like the clouds are going to occlude the sun and ruin my picnic.
2. Although I do not want you inside of my office, I will not occlude your entry by locking the door while I am away.
3. During the surgery, the doctor will do everything possible to not occlude the flow of blood to the patient’s heart.

Synonyms :  stop, suspend, clamp, leave out, congest, impede, shut, enclose, clog, retain, keep back, resist

Antonyms :  unplug, permit, forward, release, assist, facilitate, encourage, allow

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