Deprive (वंचित करना)

Pronunciation :  डिप्राइव

Hindi Meaning : वंचित करना, हरण करना, हटाना, छीन लेना

English Meaning : 1. Prevent (a person or place) from having or using something.
2. If you deprive someone of something that they want or need, you take it away from them, or you prevent them from having it.

Example :

1. They have been deprived of the fuel necessary to heat their homes.
2. If you deprive a person of food and water for days they die.
3. Don't deprive your team of an member for an overly long time.

Synonyms : shear, bereave, denude, mulct, dislodge, alienate, repel, take up

Antonyms : endow, present, supply, offer, keep, bestow, cover, clothe, give

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