A list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

How much I have to pay for downloading this dictionary?
Sheels Dictionary is freeware software i.e. you need not to pay any money for purchasing it. You can simply go on Downloads Page and click on any of buttons given there. If anyone demands money for it, you can report us through our contact us form.

When you will launch the new version of Sheels Dictionary?
You would be surprised to see how quickly you can reach thousands of words. Creating a new version of dictionary is a huge work. You will have to wait for some time for new version. Please register your email using Contact us form as we will send a copy of our new version as and when it will be ready.

Can you convert this dictionary in Unicode?
We are continuously researching on this issue and as we will reach on a conclusion we will append the software.

I don’t know Hindi typing, how can I search a word in the dictionary?
Sheels dictionary provides a very simple but powerful inbuilt Hindi keyboard, you can simply enter characters by clicking on it.
I am the owner of a website; can I give your link on my site?
Yes, you are free to link us.

What is the best way for searching words?
You can search simply by entering starting words. You will get those results first that match most of your words, regardless of your input order.

Why does Sheels Dictionary not contain synonyms, acronyms, prepositions, etc.?
It is the first version of Dictionary, we are increasing our database and in further versions you may find them.

I am having a list of words, which I want to include in dictionary. How can I suggest a new entry for the dictionary?

If you want to include those words in your own dictionary you can use Add New button given in dictionary and if you are interested in adding them in our database you can mail them at sheel.dictionary@gmail.com. Naturally we can only integrate word lists by your permission. By submitting your word lists you legally agree to give permission to use the data directly.
Does Sheels Dictionary offer any other dictionaries?
Apart from Hindi to English We also offer English to Hindi Dictionary which is already integrated in the same dictionary. Visit Help menu in the dictionary for more details.

Is there any online version of the Sheels dictionary?
No, currently you cannot use this dictionary online, you have to download it and after installing you can use it offline i.e. no internet connection is necessary.

Can I run the program on another system than Windows?
Our dictionary is designed and intended to run only with Windows.

Is there a version of the dictionary for Macintosh also?

No sorry, since it can run only on windows, we are not able to provide any technical support to Mac users. However you can search Google to run windows software in Mac.

Can I run Sheels dictionary on Linux?

No sorry, since it can run only on windows, we are not able to provide any technical support to Linux users. However you can search Google to run windows software in Linux.

Why is my question not included within the FAQ?
Some topics related to operation of dictionary are covered under Help Section. You can find some of your queries there.
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