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End-User License Agreement

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute the copies of this software, but changing it, is not allowed. All rights are reserved and are under copyright law. This End-User License Agreement is a legal agreement between the user and owner of this Dictionary Mr. Sheelnidhi Gupta for the Sheel's Dictionary identified below, which includes this software, its Database and documentation, and may include associated media and any other material.

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International copyright law protects this Sheel's Dictionary. The Sheel's Dictionary is licensed & Free to end user, not to be sold in the retail market at any cost. The Sheel's Dictionary consists of products executable file, a desktop application, and support files like "Components".

License Allotment:- Mr. Sheelnidhi Gupta grants to you as an individual, or an institutional license to install and execute a single instance of the Software on a single computer or on multiple computers. You are free to copy the program and distribute at any level free of cost but only in its complete form. You may not modify in any way the Copyright or Software information, which appears on any media.

Copyright:- All title and copyrights related to the Sheel's Dictionary are owned by Mr. Sheelnidhi Gupta. Copyright laws protect the Sheel's Dictionary. Therefore, you must treat the Sheel's Dictionary like any other copyrighted material except that you may install the Dictionary on a single computer or multiple.

Warranty & Disclaimer:- Although all measures have been taken to make this Dictionary error free, but still it may contain any typing error. This Dictionary is provided to you "As is" without any Guarantee or any risk. Author is not responsible for any word written in the Dictionary. Author is also not responsible for any direct, indirect or any damage caused by this Dictionary.

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